Zotag Mag Nettops – 2 Nettop Computers That Deliver

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There are several kinds of Nettop machines one can purchase for use in the home today, all with varying capabilities and hardware installed. Certainly you have a choice between the Zotac MAG, the Acer Aspire Revo and the Asus EeeBox. But in this article we are taking a brief look at what you get when you purchase either model MAG from Zotac International.

1. Both models of the Zotac MAG are fitted with Ion Powered processors. However the Mag HD-ND01 has the Atom 330 dual core CPU installed whilst the MAG HD-NS01 is fitted with the Atom 230 single core CPU.

2. Each model that Zotac International create of their Nettops are fitted with an NVIDIA ION graphics processor so you can be assured that the quality of the video’s played back on yours will be of the highest quality. It even allows you to play back those videos in high definition as well.

3. Along with a stand that allows you to place your MAG on the table next to your monitor. To further free up space along as your monitor has a VESA mounting on the back it can be mounted on to it.

4. Both types of Zotac MAG Nettops come with 2GB DDR2-800 memory and SATA 160GB hard drives. Plus they also include 6 USB 2.0 ports along with VGA + HDMI video ports along with a 4 in 1 card reader.

5. When it comes to connecting to the internet this shouldn’t prove at all difficult as each of these particular Nettops like so many others has both Ethernet and WiFi capabilities. So browsing online or even downloading will be achieved quickly and easily.

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