Tiny House Living 2-in-1 Bundle: RV Living Shipping Container Homes Complete


2 Books In 1 ?Tiny House Living? Bundle | The Perfect Sustainable Living GiftRV Living: A Beginner?s Guide To Turning Your Motorhome Dream Into Reality.Shipping Container Homes: Learn How To Build Your Own Shipping Container House and Live Your Dream!Save money on both books by buying this discounted bundle.?Why You Should Check Out ?Tiny House Living 2-in-1 Bundle Book 1: RV Living ? A Beginner?s Guide To Turning Your Motorhome Dream Into RealityAre you tired of the everyday grind?Do you feel trapped, and dream of living a life on the road?With a motorhome RV you can start a life on the road and live on your own terms, 24/7.In this book, you will learn:How to Buy an RVHow to Prepare for RV LivingHow to Budget for Life on the RoadHow to Make and Save Money on the RoadHow to find the best RV parks and camping groundsAnd Much, Much More!Book 2: Shipping Container Homes ? Learn How To Build Your Own Shipping Container House and Live Your Dream!How would you like to pay way less per month and still live in your dream home?Well, that?s the promise that a shipping container home offers!In this book, you will learn:What Are Shipping Container Homes?What to Consider Before Purchasing a Shipping ContainerAre Shipping Container Homes Safe?How To Build A Container HomeWhere To Purchase A Shipping ContainerBuilding Permit and Other Legal RequirementsAnd Much More!Get Your Copy of ?Tiny House Living 2-in-1 Bundle?Small living space are taking the world by storm at the moment, and rightfully so. Imagine the possibilities that come with freeing up the financial resources you are now spending on your mortgage!This bundle is the best of both worlds. These two books are jam-packed with essential and practical tips to get you started with RV Living and Shipping Container Homes..Reading this bundle can literally save you thousands of dollars!Let?s get started, shall we?PAPERBACK EDITION: Kindle edition for FREE with purchase of paperback.Take action now! Scroll to the top of this page and click the ?Buy Now? button.
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