The Components And Peripherals Necessary To Assemble A Basic Modern System

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In this case, there are components and peripherals that are necessary in assembling a modern personal computer (pc). These basic personal computer components are:

The motherboard: the motherboard is the core of the system. It really is the pc, everything else is connected to it and it controls everything in the system. Without a doubt, the most important component in a personal computer is the motherboard. Virtually every internal component in a pc is connected to the motherboard, and its features largely determine what your computer is capable of, not to mention its overall performance.

The processor: the processor is often thought of as the engine of the computer or the power house. It is also called the central processing unit (CPU).

Memory (RAM): The system memory is often called the Random Access Memory (RAM). This is the primary working memory, which holds all the programs and data the processor is using at a given time.

Case/Chassis: The case is the frame that houses the motherboard, power unit, disk drive and any other physical component in the system.

Power Unit: The power unit feeds electrical power to the internal components in the system.

Floppy Drive: The floppy drive is a low capacity removable media, magnetic storage device. Many recent systems use other type of removable magnetic or USB – based flash memory device instead of floppy drive for removable storage.

Hard Drive: The hard drive is the primary high capacity storage media for the system. These are to say that all the information in the system is being stored in the hard drive.

CD/DVD Drive: CD (compact disc) and DVD (digital versatile disc). They are used for installation and they are relatively high capacity removable media.

The Keyboard: The keyboard is an input device, used to input data into the system. The keyboard is the primary device on a system that is used by human to communicate with and the system.

The Mouse: This a pointing device.

Video Card: The video card controls the information you see on the monitor. Without the video card no information will be display on the screen of the monitor.

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