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HP Pavilion Elite HPE-490t is an advanced and highly priced desktop computer that has everything for the professional users. The features of this Elite model are more advanced. The price tag of this system is somewhat disappointing to the people who are looking for cheap priced computers. This system costs around $1900 even with basic features and you must be ready to spend up to $2000 if you are looking for higher specification. As I said above, even though it is highly priced, if it is for your business purpose, then it is worth to spend on this system. This model guarantees for longevity, speed and great performance. The following review of HP Pavilion Elite HPE-490t will be useful for the purchasers who have plans to own this model.


HP Pavilion Elite HPE-490t is designed with high speed and advanced i7 core processor. HP machines that were earlier designed with i3 and i5 processors are now equipped with this advanced i7 processor to keep the machine run fast. The main advantage of this processor is the power consumption. This processor is capable of consuming less power and giving great performance. Especially, when you are handling multitasking activities, you need the machine one like this. The speed of the computer is great even while you are playing multimedia games and watching movies. Even with multiple applications you are guaranteed for great speed. HP Pavilion Elite HPE-490t provides lots of advantages and the important one is less power consumption.

Other Features

This desktop computer operates with Windows 7 Operating System. The operating system is available different versions. Windows Home 7 Premium operating system is ideal for your professional use. The highly advanced CPU of this Elite model supports HD media; hence this system is right choice for your business purpose. HPE-490t is a high capacity storage machine. The maximum hard disc capacity range is 1.5TB. The RAM and Hard Disc are also available in different ranges and the price is fixed based on the features you choose. This machine fitted with powerful RAM and processor gives good speed even while you are handling multiple applications. Depending on the usability of the machine you can customize the RAM and hard disc capacity. Higher RAM and disc storage is suitable for the big organizations where large files have to be handled.

HPE-490t comes with many other essential but optional features like 1 GB ATI Radeon HD 5570w/HDMI, Blu-ray DVD player, 5-in-one card reader, Wireless N Card etc. The PC also comes with easy to handle multimedia keyboard and digital mouse.

HP Pavilion-490t can be purchased for your professional purpose considering just 2 factors. Firstly, it is a high power saving machine. Secondly, the performance and speed is highly commendable. So, before purchasing this PC go through the reviews of HP Pavilion Elite HPE-490t. Also look for the HP discount coupons to get maximum savings on the price tag. This multitasking computer is highly useful when you are downloading large video files from the internet.

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