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Intel needs to focus on the need of consumers, reported the foreign media on 17, January. As a leading technology company, it is very dangerous to be wise after the event. For instance, the functions of COPY and PASTE were put in operating system for the new smart phone. It may need little technical skills, but Microsoft refused to take these functions in Windows Phone 7 when it released to market at the beginning. This action looks very unwise, but in fact, it’s not true. It is quite obvious that Intel is against consumers’ wills which can be seen on its later practice.

Let’s take a look at the experiment on upgradeable CPU products. These products own unlock capabilities for some hiding properties. However, once some low-end Pentium dual-core processor and Clarkdale in malfunction, the capabilities will be limited. If you want the code to be in a good operation, 50 dollars will be required to pay for the upgraded chip which will help you get Hyper Threading performance and 1MB cache. The working mechanism of these components is not of importance, but some problems of BOIS supporting of system construction main board get involved. In addition, Intel usually sets some hiding or locking properties in CPU mainly for market segment and new products promotion.

However, it is a kind of deception to make money with a clear conscience. Sellers would tell customers that the CPU you bought last month actually have many hiding capabilities, and if you can afford another 50 dollars, we would like to offer assistance for capabilities unlocking.

Of course, ADM goes dabble in this area, too. Some of multi-core processors have hiding cores and can be unlocked, but AMD would never collect extra fees from customers neither makes any commitments. Consumers can buy TriCore Phenom processor and then pay for unlocking the fourth core. If the fourth one is of no use, PC would not start, but the chip works under TriCore model can still operate. By contrast ADM’s ways, Intel is kind of cattiness because it intends to sell hiding properties when its chips in promotion.

Appearance of Intel PC processor Sandy Bridge claims terminator of overclocking products based on Intel’s integrity adjustment. As far as USB, PCI-E, CPU and Uncore concerned, their increase of reference frequency would be limited in 2%-3%.

The problem is that Intel has realized that the market of overlooking CPU offering unlocking CPU Clock Ratio with core frequency speed adjustable is existed and plans to launch K-series chip to fight the market. Although the price of K-series chip is still unknown, apparently people would not like to buy Intel desktop chip of Low Frequency vision by considering of price. An overall view of Intel brand strategies can tell us its attitude that is against consumers’ will including Core i3, i5 and i7 and as a result, common PC consumers are not able to purchase the ideal CPU anymore. The related integrated circuit is PIC16F886.

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