Living Off-Grid in a Self-Built 20ft Shipping Container Mobile Home

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In this video, we meet Joseph RM Dupuis and take a tour of his off-grid shipping container house/cabin in Ontario, Canada. Joseph built the 355 square foot shipping container using three 20 foot x 8 foot shipping containers that he modified so that the indoor space was completely open concept. r
The tiny home was designed on the premise that it could be safely closed up for weeks at a time and still be secure. Joseph says he also chose to build with shipping containers because theyre readily available and reasonably affordable.r
The micro shipping container cabin is insulated with spray foam on the interior walls, and bats on the curtain walls that were built in the openings at the ends of the shipping containers.r
For heat, Joseph installed in-floor radiant heating and a wood stove. For power, he bought a 2 kilowatt solar power system. He had a propane powered water heater for hot water in the shower and the sinks.r
Since the cabin is designed to be disassembled and moved, Joseph didnt invest in digging a well, which made finding water a little tricky. He had a water tote that he would carry over to his neighbours house using a tror, and this would last him for about a month/month and a half. He left a roughed in space for a composting toilet inside the cabin, but opted to use an outhouse instead.r
Joseph lived a minimalist lifestyle in the house for over 2 years before moving into an apartment. He enjoyed his time living off-grid and used it to spend time in nature and to reflect on his life.r
To learn more about this simple cabin and to see more gorgeous photos of it, check out his website, Working Title, here: r
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