Living In A TINY Shipping Container In The Woods

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There are thousands of shipping containers that sit unused on docks around the world. They’re an essential fixture for global trade, but much like the rest of world commerce, they don’t exactly exist in a closed loop. Many containers are used on a single sea journey, indefinitely gathering dust once they’ve reached their destination. However, since they’re made of sturdy steel materials, designers and DIYers around the world have figured out how to turn them into eco-friendly alternatives to traditional building materials.

Matt Stapleton and Paiton Larson are just one such entrepreneuring pair. The couple recently transformed a 360-square-foot shipping container into an incredibly cozy abode overlooking the Pend Oreille River in Washington state. Matt is an electrician, so his past experience came in handy for getting the container into a livable condition. Paiton is a teacher who works remotely from home, an ideal setup since the couple lives quite far from the nearest town.

They purchased the 5-acre homestead that the container stands on and are planning to pepper a few more container homes throughout the property so they can Airbnb them to adventurous visitors.
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