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Download the LG K9 TV LMX210BMW’s ROM stock and repair problems like endless looping locks and many other issues that may pop up on your android and also for you that simply that zero your smartphone.

Loop and locking

Also we can use to repair errors like Bootloop known as infinite loop, constant and persistent locks, but remembering that for these cases the installation of the system or the stock rom, should only be done as last option because there are procedures that must be performed before such as hard reset.

What is Stock Rom

Stock rom also called by firmware is the name given by many users on the internet to Android custom by manufacturers because Google releases the Android operating system and manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Asus take the Google Android and customize and adapt the system for your devices. So this file containing the Android operating system and the other programs to adapt Android in the hardware is called Firmware or stock rom by the users.

Model LMX210BMW

Region Brasil

Android 7.0 Nougat

Language Portuguese Brazil


Drivers are programs responsible for communication between the computer operating system and the hardware connected to it. This hardware can be a printer, a mouse, video and network cards, speakers, monitor, pen drives etc, in our case is the smartphone. Already the platform must be Windows, Linux, MS-DOS, Unix, FreeBSD, OS X, among others.

Some curiosities of the system that goes on your LG K9 TV.

BOOTLOADER (BOOT): This part is the most important part of the device, the boot is the ignition of the system, the boot, what causes it to turn on and start the system.

KERNEL: This is the part of the system that brings the DRIVERS package of the system, it controls everything in the device, battery, sound, audio, processor, CPU, etc. It is in it that it is possible to do editing and alteration, like OC overclocking, undervolt UV among other things that increase the performance and decrease the consumption of the device.

SYSTEN: This part is the system itself, all applications, functions and system updates will be made in SYSTEN, it is this part that is restored when we reset the device, erasing all user changes.

MODEM: This part brings the network settings of the device, signal, 3G, wifi, bluetooth among other things.

CSC: This is the part that brings the language pack and system customization and can even be used to translate a ROM.

Ours is a lot of information and it looks like this is just the basics, nowadays much of the world population does not know how to live without that little device that in the present day is responsible for stores a good part of our lives, that this article has helped you to solve your questions and problems with your LG K9 TV.

Android 7.0

Firmware with carrier apps

Downloads – New Version 05/07/2018

Download do Stock Rom

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