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Hewlett Packard recently unveiled its Premium Series Notebook, the HP HDX 18t. As what you would likely see in any HP HDX 18t Review, this can be configured to fit the users’ need especially those who demand performance and longevity.

This mammoth 18″ desktop replacement laptop has a stylish, glossy exterior, large keyboard area with touch-sensitive illuminated buttons, a built-in internal ATSC TU tuner, Blu-Ray, webcam, number pad and a newfangled fingerprint reader. Professionals, movie lovers, and gamers will find the HP HDX18t to be a great desktop replacement option. The HP HDX18t packs a strong set of components that adeptly power the 18-inch, widescreen display and a NVIDIA’s GeForce 9600M GT that powers its graphics subsystem.

The HP glassy black sleek and glossy exterior complements the modern home and office environment. The problem with this very handsome machine is that it attracts fingerprints and smudges like honey. You will leave your fingerprints to the polished exterior with just a brush of a fingertip.

This 18-inch display isn’t as cumbersome as you think – with the 16.9 aspect ratio that keeps its dimension manageable as a true high-definition performance experience. With the 16.9 aspect ratio, viewers could watch movies without the annoying black bars that appear above and below the image. The viewers won’t need a pair of eyeglasses because the display is great and the applications or side by side windows are highly visible.

Along with its superb keyboard are a numeric keypad and the mouse button which is very silent and easy to press. Daily web surfing, photo and video editing, and HD video won’t hang up the HP HDX18t laptop even if you do all of them simultaneously. The HP HDX18t’s Intel Core 2 Duo T9600 CPU clocks in at 2.8GHz which give processing speed more than enough processing power to crush recommended system requirements on the best games. It’s a Centrino 2 processor, a 1-GHz that increases the frequency of front-side bus, a new Wi-Fi chip, and DDR3 memory. What is more remarkable is that, the HDX 18t finished video-encoding test in less than a minute!

Remarkably, it is furnished with a 3GB of RAM and up to 640 GB of hard drive – it is so large that you could fit an entire Library Collection on a hard drive. If you’re serious gaming, you will appreciate the video card because it is powered by the GeForce 9600M GT card. In terms of battery life, the HDX18t is clocked on MobileMark 2007 with up to 2 hours and 48 minutes which is very reasonable for a large laptop.

HP HDX18t laptop with a Blu-Ray drive and an18 inch display isn’t the cheapest desktop replacement but it is a luxury worth paying for. That who wants first-rate performance but doesn’t need a maximized configuration can save a few hundred dollars by toning down the processor speed and selecting a smaller hard drive.

Overall, these huge 18-inch displays with its fast components establish HP HDX18t as a superior desktop replacement. The wide screen is perfect for movies and multiple applications. According to the HP HDX 18t review, this powerful performer excels in terms of its features and performance, which earns it the Editors’ Choice.

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