Four Major Side Effects of Royal Jelly Are Enumerated Below

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Royal jelly is a natural cure recommended by medical doctors and holistic practitioners. There are claims that it could cure, soothe pain, strengthen body immunity and fade skin blemishes. Alternatively called bee’s milk, royal jelly is a nutritious white substance that has power to reverse symptoms of many diseases and body disorders. It is thought to be the best natural solution for sufferers of high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, hypertension, infertility, impotence, low libido, sinuses, migraines, bone diseases and so on. Because of all these health benefits, one may be tempted to think that bee’s milk is completely harmless. Royal jelly’s activities in the body are possible because of how it interacts with your hormones, blood platelets, cholesterol and other enzymes. As a result of these interactions, there is a possibility that mild or severe negative side effects could occur. Four possible side effects of royal jelly are enumerated below.

Hypersensitivity – This is among the leading side effects of bee’s milk. More often than not, people who have honey and bee pollen allergies also find out that they have royal jelly’s allergy. If you already know that you are one of these people, it would be wise to avoid this precious milk. Commonly reported allergic reactions include asthma, gastro intestinal pains, bleeding of the intestines and anaphylactic shock (a fatal shock). This is according to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Even if you can take bee products safely, perhaps you are allergic to conifer trees. If you do have a conifer trees’ allergy, take royal jelly capsules, fresh frozen liquid or powder with care.

Irritations on Skin – There are bee’s milk creams and lotions meant for healing, repairing and beautifying your skin. Some people have suffered mild to severe irritations because of applying these beauty products to the skin. Commonly, some people develop facial rashes despite not being allergic to any bee product. So you want to use these items with enough caution.

Breast Cancer cell growth – According to researchers, when royal jelly is consumed, it produces estrogen-like signals because of acting directly on estrogen receptors. It could therefore potentially arouse cancer cell multiplication in women who have breast cancer. Prior to buying this product, consult your doctor.

Drug interactions – Bee’s milk is known to react badly with blood thinners (anticoagulants). These are prescribed drugs that are commonly used to reduce the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood. Coumadin or Warfarin should specifically not be combined with this product of the bees. It could result to horrible intestinal bleeding that could cause death.

The above are four main side effects of bee’s milk. They are the most popularly reported negative effects. If you have breast cancer or are taking anticoagulants, consult a physician before taking this holistic milk. While many pregnant and breast-feeding mothers are able to use this gooey substance harmlessly, you should not assume you are like them. Have a doctor examine before trying royal jelly’s holistic healing. This is so because every pregnancy is different. Even if you have used royal jelly before, while pregnant, ask your doctor if your current pregnancy is risky or safe.

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