Brilliant Tricks for Extending the Life of Your Food Storage Containers


Brilliant Tricks for Extending the Life of Your Food Storage Containers.Tracking down—and maintaining—a set of airtight, sturdy, and stain-free food storage containers can feel like an impossible task.But as long as you follow these simple tips, keeping a quality set of plastic or glass food storage containers in good shape is simple:.Before you reheat anything in the microwave, check the container’s packaging for a microwave-safe label.But even if your continuers can go in the microwave, transferring leftovers to plates will keep containers from getting permanently stained and degraded.Spray a light coating of cooking oil on the inside of the container before you fill it with food. The oil forms a barrier between the plastic and the food that helps repel stains.The longer you let food sit and dry in a container, the more difficult it is to clean. As soon as you spoon leftovers onto a serving dish, give the container a rinse with hot water.Even the best of the best storage containers won’t last forever. The moment you notice any signs of degradation or warping, toss them in the recycling bin and get yourself a new set
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